Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic
Noxgear Tracer2 - Run Republic

Noxgear Tracer2

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Demand Attention

Keep Yourself Safe

The Tracer2 has one goal: keep you safe while you move. By pairing powerful multi-color LED fiber optics with ultra-reflective 3M patterns and fluorescence, the Tracer2 maximizes your visibility through changing light and weather conditions, and in the glare of headlights.


Be choosey, or not. Your Tracer2 comes equipped with 8 multi-color flashing modes and 8 single & new dual-blend color modes. Match your colors to your mood, or coordinate your whole crew.



Fear neither rain nor storm. With an IP67 Rating, Tracer2 sports total protection from rain, splashes, and even (accidental) submersion.


Secure Fit

Engineered to fit better than ever, Tracer2 features an adjustable chest strap and new Fit Clip system to keep fiber optics bounce-free for a weightless, natural feel.



Our most requested feature. Tracer2 leaves traditional batteries in the dust with quicker, greener USB-C charging and a smart LED charge-indicator. (Cable included)

Additional Features

  • Built to withstand rain, snow, and hot & cold temperatures
  • Up to 20 hours of lasting rechargeable battery life
  • Weighing in at just 7oz you’ll forget it’s there, but drivers won’t
  • Custom 3M reflective patterns & fluorescent chest-band

Maximum Visibility

Built with Visual Science

  • 8 Multi-Color Flashing Modes

    Maximum visibility means grabbing attention. With the flashing settings on Tracer2, we built in light patterns that are scientifically-proven to stand out and make you extremely visible on the roadways.

  • 8 Solid/Dual Color Modes

    Let your colors shine utilizing Tracer2’s solid color modes to provide a consistently bright color of your choosing. Or use both your favs with the new dual blend color mode.

  • Always Bright Illumination

    Unlike other LED gear that dulls the longer they’re used, Tracer2 is equipped with patented technology to ensure your vest stays ultra-bright and ultra-visible, even on low battery.


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    Find Your Fit

    Size Chart

    For an optimal fit, measure and wear under your chest as shown:

    Tracer2 Size Chest Men's t-shirt Women's t-shirt
    S 25" - 36" XS, S XS, S, M
    M / L 27" - 40" M, L L
    XL 29" - 44" XL, XXL XL, XXL


    Photo of product fitment.

    About that jacket...

    No need to worry about the fit over coats and jackets. Tracer2’s chest belt is adjustable and elastic so it fits over seasonal clothing and small accessories like hydration packs.

    Why choose us?

    We Care About You

    Run Republic is founded on community.  We believe in TEAMWORK, SERVING, & SHARING... running is the vehicle by which we do so! It's in our name! REPUBLIC by definition is:  1. (a) a group with a certain EQUALITY between its members. (b) a body of persons freely engaged in a specified activity, i.e. RUNNING

    Tried & True

    Our staff is as passionate about running as you are! We rigorously test our products before offering them to you.  If it can help us push through ultramarathon miles, recover from hard workouts, or shave time off 400 meter sprints we'll carry it. 

    experience matters

    Our Coaches have helped thousands of runners achieve personal bests.  We provide educational coaching in-person and online. Check out our youtube for some helpful tips with key exercises that enhance performance and prevent injury. 

    Featured product

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