Dirt & Vert (how to earn your shirt)

It’s time to earn your Dirt & Vert tech shirt from Run Republic.  You cannot purchase this shirt. It must be earned through various challenges/events. 

Our 30 day “EVERESTING” event is one such challenge.  Typically everesting is climbing 29,032 feet in one single continuous event which equates to the total altitude at which Mt Everest’s summit lies (29,032’).  However for this challenge we are allowed 30 days to accumulate 29,032’ of vertical gain.  Our first 30 day strava cycle began on 8/14 and ends 9/14/22.  

If you missed the 8/14 start date, dont worry... Just begin your 30 day cycle now, fill out the form below, join our strava club and let us know when you're 30 days are up.  We'll verify your accomplishments and include you.  


However in order to earn the special “Dirt & Vert” shirt you must complete this 30 day cycle as mentioned above (climbing 29,032' or more, verified on strava) AND 1 of the 3 options below:

1) summit Mt Baldy, Mt San Jacinto, Mt San Gorgonio or a relatively equivalent mtn with 10k or more feet of altitude at its summit.

2) summit the highest mtn within 100 miles of your home

3) join one of our weekly community runs

Upon completion send us your shirt size and we’ll verify your accomplishments via Strava (make sure to fill out the google doc below).  

You can pick up your shirt for free at our Walnut, Ca store or we can ship it to you (you pay for shipping, approximately $5).

Dirt & Vert shirt worn by Joe Nakamura with Dylan Bowman (FREETRAIL):