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Grass-Fed Colostrum STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNITY - 500mg / 180 capsules

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Our Grass-Fed Colostrum supplement is packed with vital nutrients and peptides to provide support for gut healing, exercise recovery, and immune function.

  • Grass-fed & finished colostrum (A1/A2)
  • Stimulates your immune fighting cells
  • Supports muscle growth and tissue repair

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We Care About You

Run Republic is founded on community.  We believe in TEAMWORK, SERVING, & SHARING... running is the vehicle by which we do so! It's in our name! REPUBLIC by definition is:  1. (a) a group with a certain EQUALITY between its members. (b) a body of persons freely engaged in a specified activity, i.e. RUNNING

Tried & True

Our staff is as passionate about running as you are! We rigorously test our products before offering them to you.  If it can help us push through ultramarathon miles, recover from hard workouts, or shave time off 400 meter sprints we'll carry it. 

experience matters

Our Coaches have helped thousands of runners achieve personal bests.  We provide educational coaching in-person and online. Check out our youtube for some helpful tips with key exercises that enhance performance and prevent injury. 

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