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Endurolytes Fizz®

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Delicious, refreshing electrolytes
  • Encourages steady fluid consumption
  • Virtually free of calories & carbohydrates
  • Cola flavor contains 20mg of caffeine per serving



Add these rapidly dissolving tablets to your water bottle to create a delicious, effervescent electrolyte drink—the same full-spectrum electrolyte support that made Endurolytes capsules famous. For those who prefer flavored beverages to water, Fizz is a perfect way to encourage adequate fluid consumption and get your electrolytes at the same time. No sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, of course.

Note: One Endurolytes Fizz tablet equals approximately two Endurolytes capsules. Fizz tablets break at the center to allow for personalized dosing.




HEED is a powdered sports drink that contains calories, a full-spectrum electrolyte profile, and key auxiliary nutrients. Endurolytes Fizz is a nearly-calorie-free, full-spectrum electrolyte replenishment product in effervescent tablet form.

Every scoop of HEED contains 110 calories and about the same amounts of electrolytes as one-half tablet of Endurolytes Fizz. While taking into account the many variables that determine how much electrolytic mineral support you need, most athletes find that 2-4 Endurolytes capsules of 1-2 Endurolytes Fizz tablets work extremely well. With that in mind, lighter-weight athletes will oftentimes find that 1.0 - 1.25 scoops of HEED in a water bottle (110 - 137.5 calories) will oftentimes cover their entire fueling requirements — fluids, calories, and electrolytes — for an hour. The same is true for most athletes who are doing short-duration workouts and require only minimal amounts of calories and electrolytes. Medium-weight athletes will find that 1.5 scoops of HEED will provide the appropriate amount of calories (165), but that 1-2 capsules of Endurolytes or ½ to 1 tablet of Endurolytes Fizz may be needed to cover electrolyte needs more completely. Heavier-weight athletes will find that 1.75 scoops of HEED (192.5 calories) should be sufficient, though up to 2.0 level scoops (~205 calories) is acceptable. These amounts will also provide 1.75 - 2.0 capsules’ worth of Endurolytes or approximately 1 tablet of Endurolytes Fizz. Additional amounts will be needed, usually in the amounts of 1-2 Endurolytes capsules or 1 tablet of Endurolytes Fizz.

During longer bouts of exercise, when Perpetuem or Sustained Energy is the primary fuel (and especially when concentrated, multi-hour bottles of either product are being used), Endurolytes Fizz is an ideal alternative to Endurolytes capsules, primarily for athletes who are either unable to swallow capsules during exercise, or who prefer to fulfill their electrolytic mineral needs via lightly flavored, effervescent (“fizzy”) electrolyte water.

A key point to remember is that if you put “X” amount of scoops of HEED or “X” number of Endurolytes Fizz in your water bottle, your dose is preset . . . you’ve basically put a ceiling on it, which can become an issue if what you’ve put in your bottle is proving to be insufficient (such as if the weather gets hotter). Therefore, we highly recommend that you carry extra Endurolytes Fizz tablets or Endurolytes capsules. You may end up not needing them, but you’ll feel better knowing that you have them within easy reach, should the conditions require more electrolytic mineral support than what you’re obtaining from however many scoops of HEED or Endurolytes Fizz tablets you’ve put in your bottle.

Lastly, you can most definitely add Endurolytes Fizz tablets to your bottle(s) of HEED to bolster the electrolyte content. If you’re adventurous, you can create a new flavor by, for example, adding Grape Endurolytes Fizz to Melon HEED, or numerous other creative combinations.

Bottom line: HEED = Calories + electrolytes; Endurolytes Fizz = Electrolytes only. Now you know the differences between these two great fuels!




Use prior to, during, and after workouts to satisfy the body’s electrolyte requirements with maximum precision.

Use as needed, but primarily when:

  1. Exercise lasts for more than two hours, regardless of temperature or humidity.
  2. Exercise lasts less than two hours and:
  • Temperature is above 80 degrees and/or 70% humidity or
  • Temperature and humidity is ten degrees or more above what you are accustomed to.

Mixing Instructions

Starting at an hourly dose of 1/2 tablet per 50-60 pounds of body weight, add Endurolytes Fizz tablets to your water or fuel bottle(s), allow to dissolve completely, and consume as needed to maintain proper hydration and electrolyte levels. Note: Each rapidly dissolving effervescent tablet contains the equivalent dosage of approximately two Endurolytes capsules.


  • Many variables - body weight, fitness level, weather conditions, acclimatization level, and physiological predisposition - affect individual electrolyte requirements, so you must do your own trials with Endurolytes Fizz dosing, under a variety of conditions, to determine what your individual needs are.
  • Endurolytes Fizz DOES NOT prevent heat stroke, hyponatremia, or any other dangerous physical condition resulting from overexertion in the heat.
  • At 10 calories per tablet, Endurolytes Fizz is not a significant source of calories.
  • The amount of salt (sodium chloride) you habitually consume in your daily diet largely determines the amount of salt, you will need to consume during exercise and races. If you consume a high-salt diet, you will need to increase your hourly dose of Endurolytes Fizz above our starting point recommendation.



Full-Spectrum Electrolyte Profile – This complete profile contains the following minerals:

Sodium Bicarbonate – A well absorbed source of sodium, selected for its high dissolution rate. Bicarbonates are also used to aid digestion and help alleviate stomach distress issues.

Calcium Chloride – An easily dissolvable source of both calcium and chloride.

Calcium Carbonate – Chelated to carbonate (a salt of carbonic acid), calcium carbonate is a source of easily dissolvable calcium.

Magnesium Oxide – A rich source of easily dissolvable magnesium.

Potassium Bicarbonate – A colorless, odorless compound selected for its high dissolution rate. Bicarbonates are also used to aid digestion and help alleviate stomach distress issues.

Natural Caffeine – COLA FLAVOR ONLY – Derived from green tea extract.

Manganese – This trace mineral is necessary for optimal muscle cell enzyme reactions and for the conversion of fatty acids and protein into energy.

Vitamin B-6 – This water-soluble vitamin plays an active role in maintaining sodium-potassium balance. It also supports the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Citric Acid – Used in the minimal amounts needed to aid in the reaction process that creates carbon dioxide, the gas which gives effervescence to the product.

Sorbitol – A natural calorie-free sweetener.

Stevia – A natural, calorie-free sweeter derived from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana, a plant native to Central and South America. It does not affect blood sugar levels or contribute to tooth decay like sugar does.

Avocado Oil – A healthy oil used as a tablet-pressing lubricant.

Monk Fruit – A natural, calorie-free sweetener that does not affect insulin production. The sweetness from monk fruit is not due to natural sugars like most fruits, but instead from its naturally occurring antioxidants called mogrosides.




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