Lemon Almond Protein Bar - LAIRD SUPERFOOD - Run Republic
Lemon Almond Protein Bar - LAIRD SUPERFOOD - Run Republic
Lemon Almond Protein Bar - LAIRD SUPERFOOD - Run Republic
Lemon Almond Protein Bar - LAIRD SUPERFOOD - Run Republic

Lemon Almond Protein Bar - LAIRD SUPERFOOD

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The bright citrus of lemon and toasty nuttiness of almond is brought into delicious harmony in this plant-powered bar. Loaded with all the good stuff and no fake junk, this Lemon Almond Protein Bar is a tasty source of nutritious energy that will help power your workout or keep you moving when you’re on the go. Whether you’re on the water or at the gym, your body and mind has just gotten a delicious new ally.


  • Filled with 10 grams of plant-based protein
  • Filled with 6 grams of fiber
  • Laird adds adaptogens and functional mushrooms to his diet to help stay balanced in moments of stress.
  • Pocket-sized fuel you can easily take with you anywhere.


PROTEIN BLEND: (Pea Protein Crisps [Pea Protein, Rice Starch], Pumpkin Seed Protein, Hemp Protein) A proprietary blend of power-packed seed and pea proteins that provides the full-spectrum protein in our bars. This blend is dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and contains all 9 naturally occurring amino acids needed in your diet.


Laird and Gabby know that the key to helping the world eat more energizing superfoods is to make products that taste great. That’s the inspiration behind this citrus-and-nut fueled Lemon Almond Protein Bar. We’ve managed to pack 10 grams of protein from plants and seeds, 6 grams of fiber, and our functional mushrooms into a smooth bar that is packed with epic flavor.


The toasty nuttiness of almonds is balanced by the refreshing brightness of lemons, blended to a smooth texture. And although you won’t taste the functional mushrooms, you’ll certainly feel them.

And we’ve squeezed all of this function into a bar that travels with you anywhere. So even if you just have a few seconds between waves, you can grab a quick nutritious bite of almondy-goodness.


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Our staff is as passionate about running as you are! We rigorously test our products before offering them to you.  If it can help us push through ultramarathon miles, recover from hard workouts, or shave time off 400 meter sprints we'll carry it. 

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