Mixed Berry & Cherry Immunity Gum - RUN GUM - Run Republic
Mixed Berry & Cherry Immunity Gum - RUN GUM - Run Republic
Mixed Berry & Cherry Immunity Gum - RUN GUM - Run Republic
Mixed Berry & Cherry Immunity Gum - RUN GUM - Run Republic
Mixed Berry & Cherry Immunity Gum - RUN GUM - Run Republic

Mixed Berry & Cherry Immunity Gum - RUN GUM

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MIXED BERRY & CHERRY: A fruity probiotic immune boost to help you not miss the important stuff

Our Busy lifestyles often weaken our natural defenses, causing us to get sick and miss out on the important stuff. Run Gum Immunity Gum is a new way to boost your immune system so that you can perform at your best and Run Your Day!

What's Inside: Probiotic + Elderberry + B-Vitamins


Your daily defense boost.

Don't the business of life wear your immune system down. This gum uses a unique and patented probiotic proven to boost immune health.

Partnering it with other immune-boosting agents like Elderberry and B-Vitamins, you get a gum that empowers you to be at your best. 


The science behind the Gum

Did you know the common cold is the leading cause of missed days from school and work? LifeinU™ BSCU1 is a strain of Bacillus subtilis, a common, non-pathogenic bacterium.

Its efficiency is clinically proven to reduce the effect of common infections – especially the common colds. 

Chew 1-2 pieces daily for optimal probiotic support

Other Ingredients: sorbitol, gum base, mannitol, xylitol, glyceryl esters, mixed berry/cherry natural flavors, silicon dioxide and sucralose.

Warning: Take only as directed. Do not exceed the suggested dosage. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have a high-risk immune-compromised condition, consult a healthcare professional before using this product.

Keep out of the reach of children. Not to be used by children less than 3 years of age.

Do not use: if the packet is torn, cut, or opened. Store in a cool, dry place.

LifeinU™ BSCU1 is a registered trademark of LeSaffre Human Care


Why choose us?

We Care About You

Run Republic is founded on community.  We believe in TEAMWORK, SERVING, & SHARING... running is the vehicle by which we do so! It's in our name! REPUBLIC by definition is:  1. (a) a group with a certain EQUALITY between its members. (b) a body of persons freely engaged in a specified activity, i.e. RUNNING

Tried & True

Our staff is as passionate about running as you are! We rigorously test our products before offering them to you.  If it can help us push through ultramarathon miles, recover from hard workouts, or shave time off 400 meter sprints we'll carry it. 

experience matters

Our Coaches have helped thousands of runners achieve personal bests.  We provide educational coaching in-person and online. Check out our youtube for some helpful tips with key exercises that enhance performance and prevent injury. 

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