Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker - Run Republic
Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker - Run Republic
Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker - Run Republic
Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker - Run Republic
Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker - Run Republic

Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

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Run Free.Run Safe.

The Best Way to Listen

Music sets the rhythm of your workout–from motivation to pacing, you spend a lot of time out with your tunes. Knowing this, we designed the 39g ultralight wearable speaker to give you better awareness of your surroundings while wrapping you in the rich sound experience that powers your active lifestyle.A strikingly rich sound experience you can keep to yourself or share with a group


Additional Features

  • Powerful neodymium driver delivers rich sound & boosted bassEasy Controls
  • Large tactile buttons allow for easy in-stride music & call controlUp to 15 Hr Battery*
  • USB rechargeable battery
    *Depends on useSafety & Comfort
  • No-bounce attachment & distraction-free sound

Versatility & Rockability

Configurable to fit your lifestyle

Magnet Clip

Slide the built-in magnetic clip off the back of the 39g and use it to securely hold the speaker in place through shirts, jackets, hoodies, fleeces, and more. Looks like magic, works like a charm.

Sport Clip

The built-in mechanical clip allows you to wear the 39g in a variety of ways like: directly on a sports bra or shirt collar, attached to a backpack, or secured to a running/hydration belt or armband.


Use the built-in magnetic clip to mount the 39g to any magnetic surface in the garage, at work or around the house.

Headphone Jack

Take advantage of the 39g’s headphone jack to de-tether your phone from your headphones while maintaining control of your sound, or for a little more privacy in settings like the gym. As a bonus, you can use the headphone jack to connect wired home speakers via Bluetooth to your phone!


Sound & Style39g is perfect for:

  • Running Icon


  • Cycling Icon


  • Walks Icon


  • Gym Icon


  • Office Icon


  • Home Icon


  • Shower Icon


  • Traveling Icon


Why choose us?

We Care About You

Run Republic is founded on community.  We believe in TEAMWORK, SERVING, & SHARING... running is the vehicle by which we do so! It's in our name! REPUBLIC by definition is:  1. (a) a group with a certain EQUALITY between its members. (b) a body of persons freely engaged in a specified activity, i.e. RUNNING

Tried & True

Our staff is as passionate about running as you are! We rigorously test our products before offering them to you.  If it can help us push through ultramarathon miles, recover from hard workouts, or shave time off 400 meter sprints we'll carry it. 

experience matters

Our Coaches have helped thousands of runners achieve personal bests.  We provide educational coaching in-person and online. Check out our youtube for some helpful tips with key exercises that enhance performance and prevent injury. 

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