PERFORM Functional Mushroom Coffee - Dark Roast Ground -LAIRD SUPERFOOD - Run Republic
PERFORM Functional Mushroom Coffee - Dark Roast Ground -LAIRD SUPERFOOD - Run Republic
PERFORM Functional Mushroom Coffee - Dark Roast Ground -LAIRD SUPERFOOD - Run Republic

PERFORM Functional Mushroom Coffee - Dark Roast Ground -LAIRD SUPERFOOD

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This is coffee unleashed. We begin with beans grown at high-altitude in the Peruvian mountains, handpicked at peak ripeness, and perfectly roasted to a rich, robust profile. Then, after expertly grinding the beans down, we add a proprietary mix of organic functional mushrooms, including Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, and Cordyceps. This supercharges your morning cup with just the right amount of adaptogens to help launch your best self.


  • Laird adds adaptogens and functional mushrooms to his diet to help stay balanced in moments of stress.
  • Delicious source of caffeine.
  • A natural source of antioxidants.


  • Brew 2 TBSP (10 grams) of coffee per 12 ounces water.
  • Perfect for French press, cold brew, or drip.
  • Mix with your favorite Laird Superfood Creamer. (Add creamer before coffee)


Organic Peruvian Coffee, Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract, Organic Chaga Mushroom, Organic Cordyceps Mushrooms, Organic Maitake Mushroom Extract


This isn’t just coffee. It’s delicious, functional, high-performance fuel that will help power your everyday performance.

Grown in the mountains of Peru, our beans are farmed at an altitude of over 4,000 feet, creating a deliciously complex profile. They are then picked by hand, ensuring the perfect ripeness of every single coffee cherry.

Next, to supercharge this morning fuel into a superfood, we add organic extracts of Chaga, Lion’s mane, Maitake, and Cordyceps functional mushrooms.

We want all of this deliciousness to arrive your cup exactly as intended. That’s why we use an inert gas packaging system to remove unwanted oxygen and preserve our rich aroma and roast profile so every cup you brew is just as delicious as the last.

As a final chef’s kiss, we recommend pairing this brew with your favorite Laird Superfood Creamer. And get ready to dive into a great day.


This blend is for lovers of a smooth and robust dark roast. Our roasters work slowly and diligently to make sure every bag serves up the maximum richness for the premium coffee lover. (You won’t taste the functional mushroom extracts but Laird certainly loves their benefits!)

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