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Men's FuelCell Rebel v4 - Sydney Signature Collection

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Breaking Boundaries: The New Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone x NB FuelCell Rebel v4

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone x New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 MFCXSYD

In the world of athletics and fashion, few collaborations capture the essence of elegance, performance, and style quite like the Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone x New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 MFCXSYD. This sneaker is not just a testament to Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone’s exceptional taste and achievements but also a beacon of innovation in athletic footwear. Designed with the athlete in mind, the FuelCell Rebel v4 MFCXSYD offers a unique blend of comfort, style, and peak performance that is unparalleled in the sneaker world.

The collaboration between four-time World-Record holder Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone and New Balance brings forth a sneaker that speaks volumes of its dedication to excellence. The MFCXSYD is crafted with precision, featuring an aesthetic appeal that combines neutral tones with a hint of luxury, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. But this sneaker is not just about looks; it’s about delivering performance that matches the high standards of professional athletes and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

The heart of the Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone x New Balance FuelCell Rebel v4 lies in its innovative FuelCell technology. This technology is engineered to provide the highest energy return, offering an explosive feel with each step, making it ideal for both competitive runners and casual wearers seeking comfort and responsiveness. The design is lightweight, ensuring that nothing holds you back, whether you’re sprinting on the track or navigating the urban jungle.


Crafted to be light and fast. Built with FuelCell foam to deliver maximum propulsion and speed with minimal weight. The FuelCell Rebel v4 will be your go-to shoe for any kind of run.


  • FuelCell foam delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward
  • Sublimated graphics
  • No-sew overlays
  •   212 grams (7.5 oz)
  • Synthetic/mesh upper

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